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So I sat here, trying to decide what to make the first blog post about.  Stressing...looking at photos.  I was talking to a friend on facebook, she said introduce yourself, talk about things I am passionate about, as if I am meeting someone for the first time.  She's right.....first blog post should saying Hi! I'm Sandy.  

I am 46 years old and married to my best friend Ed.  We have been married for 4 years but together for 10.      He is not passionate about photography like I am, but, he goes along with me on the majority of my adventures.   Our dream is to eventually travel the U.S.   Hop in the truck camper and just drive.  Me....photograph or fly the drone for aerial pictures and videos.   We have a 4 year old mixed breed dog named Molly.  She is basically our daughter and goes everywhere except work pretty much with us.


I love doing wildlife photography. I wish I could be out in nature more often documenting all its surprises and beauty it has to offer.  I enjoy educating people about our local wildlife as well.  I spend time researching and learning about a particular animal, then spreading that knowledge on through photos and teaching.    Another subject I adore doing is K9 Photography.  A friend of mine runs a K9 training business. I have been photographing for him for 2 years and love every second.  I do the training no different than the handler does basically, I just have cameras with me instead of a leash....most of the time!  

German Shepherd doing bite work for police trainingGerman Shepherd doing bite work for police training



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