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Second blog post for the new site and I'm going to explain the bird feeding videos on my YouTube channel. youtube channel has always been about having fun.   It could be a video of my nephew proposing, or something I spent days or putting together.  Or....its video of birds at a feeder....


I started photographing birds at my feeders last year when I bought my Nikkor 200-500 lens.   Set up the tripod and started shooting.   Then started playing with video but deleted most of them.   I had someone tell me to put those on youtube, people love them.....err, cats do.  I was like what?  Apparently a lot of people leave their tv on for the cats.  They find youtube videos of the birds and the cats literally sit in front of the tv watching the birds. It keeps the cats out of trouble and occupied.   Well now that is cool.    So I posted a few.  Get a few views. Then had someone write to me saying they loved it, they live in a suburb and rarely get to see trees and birds.  They will put the videos up and just let them play while they are cooking or relaxing and pretend they are looking out their window watching the birds (hmm, an idea just came to me about making a video like that!)

If you haven't visited our youtube channel, it definitely has a variety -

This is a short video we did of a mourning dove that visited for a bit. We managed to grab several videos and put them together.  




One of the unique views we have experimented with on videoing the birds.   Apparently the cats were very intrigued with this.


We are trying to get more dedicated to youtube videos and blog posts. So feel free to yell at us if we get behind!



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