Macaron or Macaroon Cookies

I think a lot of stock photographers have photographed a macaron cookie at one point.   I had never heard of a macaron until I got into stock photography. I was immediately drawn to how pretty of a cookie they are.  They come in all colors and flavors, with garnish without. They were a fun cookie.  

I found a recipe and attempted it and...then went on the hunt to buy some.  I had to try them and........I just had to photograph them!   

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So what is a macaron cookie and is it macaron or macaroon?

In 1533 the macaron was born in Italy by the chef of Catherine de Medicis when she was wed to Duc d'Orleans who later became the king of France in 1547 as Henry II.  The term macaron and macaroni both mean fine dough.  They are primarily made of almond flour, sugar and egg whites.  They started out as just cookies.  

At the beginning of the 20th century, they became a sandwich cookie.  Pierre Desfontaines had the idea to fill them with chocolate panache and make a sandwich out of them.  

 Pastel colors seem to be the favorite color choices.   Round form has been its main shape even though other shapes have been experimented with.  A dollop of the meringue like batter is put on parchment paper then baked.  Then frosting or jellies are added and made into a sandwich cookie.  

The macaron cookie is one of the most coveted cookies in France, particularly Paris.  Served in tea salons, a child's treat, Valentines and Mother's day and so on.   They still haven't caught un solidly in the United States.   Some stores carry them frozen which they do freeze well, even though I have a feeling many French chefs would grimace at this thought.    Fresh macarons can be purchased many sellers on Etsy. 

Soooo macaron or macaroon.....Macaroon is a cookie made up of coconut primarily.   Macarons are the cookies in these photographs.  In some countries, they mean the same thing, but in the United States, they are two different cookies.   

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