Ethan & Courtney - Timberline Barn - Buffalo, Missouri

Ethan & Courtney

Timberline Barn - Buffalo, Missouri


I met Ethan & Courtney when I did their engagement session.  I actually met Ethan when he was very young, but then we are getting into age things there......  

I have photographed Ethan's family and extended family numerous times for weddings and family sessions.   So I knew his side of the family fairly well.   When I first met Courtney, she was very quiet, almost shy.  She was beyond sweet and it was obvious, Ethan was head over heels in love with her.   

Their wedding was at the beautiful Timber Line Barn in Buffalo, Missouri.  Its literally a barn that has been converted to do weddings in the middle of southwest Missouri.  Its in the middle of nowhere.   They have an outdoor and indoor area for weddings.  They have lots of barn country decor items already there to use or you can decorate with your own items.  

The families were great people.  Down to earth nice people.   The day was perfect.....


Congratulations Courtney & Ethan. May you have many years of pure happiness.  Always remember they love you had on this day!