Women Hunt Too

This small series of photos is from a spontaneous shoot I decided to call 'Women Hunt Too'.  I suspect we will be doing another one in the future as it got me to thinking....

I have always been a supporter of women hunting.  Things are slowly changing where it's widely accepted that a woman can hunt, and they can hunt really well.  We are starting to see more clothing lines geared for the ruggedness of hunting, and they actually fit a woman.  

When I was younger, not many women hunted.  For those of us that did, we wore dad's overalls or found something that was oversized...we waddled around with the crotch well below where is should be and the shoulders of the clothing being too wide.   They just didn't fit women. 

So......  I called Paige.  She often models for me.  I use her and abuse her,  test new lighting, throw around some ideas,  and work on my stock portfolio.  I called Paige...said, "Come on out, bring the dog. Not sure what we will do, but since it's Fall, bring or wear something for Fall foliage."   Then...at the last second..."Bring a camo shirt."   She showed up, cute as ever.   We wandered around the woods, did some shots with her and her new Redbone pup.   Then we grabbed the guns and bows.   She had to be at work, so didn't have any time for planning, just shot and...I loved the pics.  We weren't doing a shoot, we were chatting....talking.... and then I'd shoot some pics.  Just being ourselves.   

Instead of this being about women hunting, it's about Paige.  I watched Paige grow from being a sweet little girl to a beautiful young woman.   She really reminds me of me when I was her age.  We had dads that didn't treat us different because we were girls.  We were taught about guns at a young age.   We learned to hunt long before we were driving.   We learned a bit about cars growing up.  

Paige took it further.  Another shoot will be done eventually, but this little lady has competed in pageants and driven a demolition derby car at night.  And I don't mean the 'powder puff' runs. She competed with the boys....and beat them.   She is a woman that never let being a woman hold her back from what she wanted.   

Thank you Paige for being a terrific friend, adopted daughter and a phenomenal woman!