Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Large raccoon attempts to get the lid off a trash can.

We have battled the raccoons off and on since this video was done.  About 2 months after this video, he made it in.  I put tighter bungees on, it took him another month or so and he got in again.  Last week, he was getting in again every few nights.  I put 6 bungees on, super tight, took everything I had to get into the feed....he got in again.  So now I have a heavy duty storage trunk, we are looking for an old truck tool box, then will move the feed to it.  Ahh...the battles of living in the country and trying to coexist!


  1. No doubt about it, these critters are persistent!! But I never realized just how strong they are. My mother loves her birds and keeps many bird feeders filled for them, the raccoons love her for that. Mom and Dad certainly struggle with coexisting with them too even though they live on the outskirts of country. The buggers are everywhere.

    1. They can become problems. When we had chickens, they were a huge problem killing them often. Now...I just have to do battle with them on the bird feed. I don't mind them cleaning the table feeder off at night, but...thats never enough. They are strong and intelligent....knock on wood, they still haven't figured out how to get into the new box I keep the feed in!